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Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts


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On July 1, 2009, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts began offering new Medicaid-funded home-based behavioral health services, as required by the Judgment in Rosie D. v. Patrick. On November 1, 2009, the full array of new remedial services became available statewide.

As with any major system reform initiative, the early phases of implementation have presented both successes and challenges. Eligible class members and their families have encountered some difficulties accessing services and effectively navigating the new MassHealth system. These difficulties include, among others, denial of services because the family is not enrolled in one of two MassHealth categories (Standard or CommonHealth), waiting lists for appointments, insufficient providers or provider staff, unfamiliarity with the new wraparound planning process, or even termination from services. In addition, families may feel that they cannot obtain the type and amount of services they believe is necessary for their child or they have a complaint with a specific provider. Each of these challenges raises important legal issues and may benefit from legal assistance.


As the lawyers for the plaintiff class, the Center for Public Representation is actively monitoring the delivery of remedial services and is committed to developing and supporting strategies which will improve service quality and facilitate access to care. To accomplish this goal, the Center established a state-wide Network of legal services programs, providing information, advice and short term assistance to families of individual class members and direct representation to Rosie D. class members within their program’s geographic area. In addition, Network programs will collaborate in addressing individual and systemic challenges to implementation.  These activities inform the Center’s ongoing monitoring and oversight of the Court-ordered remedy and facilitate the continued improvement of the service delivery system.


If you have any questions regarding the Legal Network or Rosie D. services generally, please contact the Center for Public Representation at (617) 965-0776 or view our website at


In the Boston Area, contact:

Greater Boston Legal Services/Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services
Phone Number: (617) 603-2716
Designated Staff Attorney: Deborah Filler


Or for class members with issues related to special education, contact: 

Mass Advocates & Harvard Law School’s, Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI)
Phone Number: (617) 357-8431 ext. 224 or Designated Staff Attorney: Susan Cole 

In the Northeast Area, contact:

Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts
Phone Number: (781) 581-1977
Designated Staff Attorney: Jessica Berry

In the Southeast Area, contact:

Center for Public Representation
Phone Number: (617) 965-0776
Designated Staff Attorney: Bettina Toner

In the Central and Western Areas, contact:

Center for Public Representation

Phone Number: (413) 586-6024

Designated Staff: Marcia Boundy

Additional legal assistance is available from the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC).  For new intakes or referrals please call (617) 338-2345, or toll free 800-342-9092 or email at

Center for Public Representation

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