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Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

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Home-based services may be new to Massachusetts but they have been offered in many States for years.  Some States, like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have a well-established system for providing a range of home-based services, of different intensity and duration, to meet the needs of SED children.  Other States, like Ohio and New Jersey, have recently developed statewide systems of care for children that rely almost exclusively on home-based services. A few States, like Indiana and New York, have well-regarded model programs that serve children in distinct cities or counties, but have not expanded those programs to serve all Medicaid-eligible children throughout the state.  Finally, California, like Massachusetts, is under a court order to create home-based or wraparound services for all Medicaid children, pursuant to the EPSDT provisions of the Medicaid Act.


A survey of States that provide home-based services is available from the Bazelon Center at 


A description of home-based services provided by each State is generally available at the State’s website, or at the federal mental health agency’s website,, which funds over 400 systems of care projects throughout the country.  For a listing and evaluation of these projects, see Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Helath Services for Children and Their Families Program (2001, 2002, 2004, 2006).

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