Rosie D.
Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

Rosie D. Litigation Materials

This section offers insight into six years of class action litigation, culminating in entrance of the final judgment in Rosie D. v. Romney. 


To see a chronology of the litigation, click on timeline.


To read a brief overview of the litigation, click on overview.


For a more detailed description of the case, parties, claims, experts, and trial, click on summary of the trial.


For a summary of the decision, click on decision summary. 


For the complete court decision, click on decision. 


For the court’s final judgment, click on judgment.


To access any of the complaint, appellate briefs, expert reports, findings of fact, remedial plans, or other major pleadings, click on Litigation Documents.    


To access any of the key implementation documents, including status reports  motions to modify, and formal disputes submitted to the court.  Click on Implementation Documents.   




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