Rosie D.
Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

Training Materials

Home-based services for children can promote success in integrated community settings, while avoiding unnecessary and prolonged hospitalization or out-of-home placement.  These services can reduce symptoms and behaviors that impair educational progress, result in delinquency, CHINS, or juvenile justice proceedings, and otherwise created problems for children and their families. 


The training materials below describe these system changes, how to access newly-developed services and what appeal rights exist. In addition, they propose ways in which the Rosie D. system transformation initiative can support and complement the work of advocates in a variety of legal practice areas.


Rosie D. Litigation Overview


Transforming the Medicaid Children’s Mental Health System


Reforming The Medicaid Children’s Mental Health System:
Rosie D
. Questions and Answers





Reforming the Medicaid Children's Mental Health System: 
What Schools Should Know about Rosie D.



Juvenile Justice


Rosie D. v. Romney: Committee for Public Counsel Services



Questions and Answers:


Core Components of Home-Based Services for Children

Developing a System of Home-Based Services for Children: Key Elements and Legal Requirements under EPSDT

Evaluating the Need for Home-Based Services for Children

Home-Based Services in Selected States

Home-Based Services Remedy

Mental Health Screening and Assessment in the Juvenile Justice System: Self- Incrimination and Issues and Potential Solutions

Rosie D. v. Romney - Plaintiffs' Final Remedial Plan Appendix

Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration for Juvenile Offenders with Psychiatric and Emotional Disabilities: Effective Services and Potential Legal Strategies

Using Home-Based Programs in Other States

Using Medicaid to Obtain Home-Based Services for Children with SED

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