Rosie D.
Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

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The Impact of New Behavioral Health Child and Adolescent Services on Rosie D. Class Members with MassHealth Secondary Insurance - 4/20 

Therapeutic Mentoring Practice Guidelines -- Establishing Quality Standards for Home-Based Services - 6/16

IHT Practice Guidelines – Establishing Quality Standards for In-Home Therapy Services - 3/16

MCI Practice Guidelines – Establishing Quality Standards for Home Based Services - 9/15

Statewide SOCPR Confirms IHT Youth Not Getting Needed Services - 3/15

Behavioral Health Screening Promoting Early Identification - 3/15

The Evolution of Client Reviews in Monitoring Massachusetts’ Home-Based Service System -12/14

Western and Southeastern System of Care Practice Reviews

The Role and Importance of Care Coordination - 7/14

Examining Wraparound Service Delivery: The Northeast System of Care Review - 3/14

Examining Wraparound Service Delivery:  The Next Phase of Community Practice Reviews - 12/13

Promoting Effective Collaboration Between Schools and Home-Based Service Providers Part III: Mobile Crisis Intervention - 9/13

Measuring Compliance and Reviewing System Performance under the New System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR) - 5/13

The Purpose and Importance of Performance Standards in the Delivery of Home-Based Services - 2/13

Outcome Measures for Home-Based Services - 12/12

Transitions from Care: Continuing Medically Necessary Services, Conducting Appropriate Discharge Planning and Avoiding Premature Termination from Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) - 10/12

The Monitor's Assessment of Implementation: 2012 Statewide CSR Report - 8/12

Rosie D. Turns Five: The Status of Compliance - 6/12

Promoting Effective Collaboration Between Schools and Home-Based Service Providers Part II: Intensive Care Coordination - 3/12

Rosie D. and Schools:  The Benefits of Home-Based Services for Students with Complex Needs - 1/12

The Number of Youth and Families Receiving Intensive Care Coordination Services - 12/11

Lessons from the Statewide Annual Community Service Review (CSR) - 10/2011

Assessments and Supervision: Informing the Care Planning Process - 6/2011

Transitions in Intensive Care Coordination: What Youth and Families Can Expect - 3/2011

Successful Legal Advocacy Network Continues for Rosie D. Class Members - 1/2011

Court Monitor Issues First Report from Case Review in Western Massachusetts - 11/2010 

Youth and Families in Need Should Not Have to Wait - 9/2010

Community Service Review:
Assessing Implementation of Home-Based Services
- 7/2010

Rosie D. Services for DCF Involved Youth - 6/2010

Rosie D. Services for Youth Served by DYS - 5/2010

Department of Mental Health's Involvement in Rosie D. Services  - 2/2010

Achieving the Promise of A Single Plan and Single Team: Interagency Coordination In the New Children’s Behavioral Health System - 1/2010

Accessing New Services for Children and Families in MassHealth Expansion Eligibility Categories - 12/2009

A New Legal Advocacy Network for Families - 11/2009

In-Home Therapy Services - 10/2009

Therapeutic Mentoring: A Chance for Youth to Learn New Skills - 9/2009

A New Remedial Service for Youth With Challenging Behaviors - 8/2009

Families Helping Families: The New Family Partner Program - 7/2009

A New Approach to Crisis Services: The Advantages of Mobile Response - 6/2009

The Wraparound Planning Process: A New Opportunity for Families - 5/2009

The Role, Responsibilities and Membership of the Care Planning Team - 4/2009

The Role and Responsibilities of the Care Manager - 3/2009

Accessing Home-Based Services Through the Community Service Agency - 2/2009

The Core of the New Children’s Mental Health System:
Community Service Agencies - 12/2008

The New Mental Health Assessment Process - 11/2008

The Critical Importance of Screening - 9/2008

The Lengthy Process of System Reform - 8/2008

What is the Role of the Court and the Court Monitor in Overseeing Implementation of the Court Order? - 6/2008

What is EPSDT? - 5/2008

Why was the Rosie D. case filed? - 4/2008

What is the Children's Mental Health Crisis? - 3/2008


Who Are the "Stuck Kids"? - 2/2008


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