Rosie D.
Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

Professionals & Providers

The transformation of the children’s mental health system in Massachusetts requires the enthusiastic participation of local mental health professionals, child welfare and juvenile justice staff, teachers and school officials, and a wide range of human service providers.  The new system will draw upon research and best practices in other States, model programs, and the professional literature, but will be tailored to the unique conditions in Massachusetts and the requirements of the Court’s order.  These pages contain material of special interest to all professionals and providers, including information on:

  • The new Medicaid home-based services that will be available.  Learn more about covered services.   
  • Staffing requirements and qualifications, human resource development, and workforce issues.  Learn more about human resources and staffing.
  • The design of the new children’s mental health service system, including Community Service Agencies (CSAs), provider delivery networks, managed care platforms, and service provision requirements.  Learn more about Network design.
  • Service utilization, service costs, service data, and information on each critical element in the service delivery system.  Learn more about Utilization and data.  
  • Information on client and system outcomes, evaluation data, research on children’s mental health and home-based services, and monitoring of the implementation of the new children’s mental health system in Massachusetts.  Learn  more about Outcomes and evaluation.
  • Efforts to coordinate and integrate home-based services planning and delivery with the child’s educational program, IEP, and school activities.  Learn more about Education and schools.
  • Issues of special interest to juvenile justice providers, programs, and staff for children involved with the juvenile justice system. Learn more about Juvenile justice to learn more. 
  •  Legal materials that include relevant statutes, regulations, policies and procedures, and cases concerning home-based services provided under the Medicaid program. Learn more about Legal materials.
  • Training conferences, programs, and materials, including online training sessions for professionals and providers.  Learn more about Training.
  • Model wraparound programs and home-based initiatives in other States, including state agency rules and delivery mechanisms.  Learn more about Other states.
  • Local and national resources for professionals and providers to assist in the development and provision of home-based services.  Learn more about Resources.

In addition, for information on the covered services that must be provided pursuant to the Rosie D order, see Pathway to Home-based Services/Covered Services.

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