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Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

Human Resources and Staffing


Home-based services will be provided by a combination of professional and paraprofessional staff with appropriate training, qualifications, and experience.  Specific staffing requirements will be developed for each of the five new covered services, as well as for intensive care coordinators.  Paraprofessional mentors, behavioral aides, and family partners will play a significant role in the home-based service delivery network.  


Recruiting, training, and supervising qualified staff is a major implementation challenge.  Staff competencies for each position must be identified by 2009.  Strategies to attract and retain competent staff also must be developed by that date.


New home-based services staff will complement existing health and mental health professionals, child care workers and juvenile justice probation officers, teachers and school officials, and state agency personnel who provide services or supports to children involved with various state or local agencies.  Training existing staff on behavioral health screening and mental health assessments has been completed.  Over 7,000 mental health clinicians have been trained in the CANS.   


Initial training of Community Service Agencies and state agency staff was conducted  in April - June by MassHealth, the managed care entities, and local home-based provides.   MassHealth has now identified a new training and coaching provider which will be responsible for training and mentoring ICC and in-home therapy staff, state agency workers, and family partners.   


The program specifications for each new home-based service contain detailed staffing qualifications and supervision requirements.  Click on the service to view the staff requirements for Intensive Care Coordination, Family Training and Support, In-Home Therapy, In-Home Behavior, Therapeutic Mentoring, Mobile Crisis Intervention, and Crisis Stabilization.




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