Rosie D.
Reforming the Mental Health System in Massachusetts

Advocates & Attorneys

“This is probably the most important case on my [civil] docket right now.”

U.S. District Court Judge Michael A. Ponsor

Rosie D. Status Conference

January 15, 2008


Advocates and attorneys have a critical role in effecting the transformation of the children’s mental health system in Massachusetts and in other States.  They are key partners in implementing the Rosie D. remedy in Massachusetts and in promoting similar reforms elsewhere.  This section contains information designed to support attorneys and advocates in their representation of Medicaid-eligible children in Massachusetts and throughout the country. 


Legal Materials provides access to relevant statutes, regulations, and related EPSDT cases seeking mental health services for Medicaid-eligible children.    


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Rosie D. Litigation Materials summarizes the litigation and provides direct access to all relevant litigation documents, including the complaint, major pleadings, expert reports, the decision, remedial plans, and the final judgment.


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Training Materials include legal analyses, Q&As, manuals, and other guides that may be helpful in advocating for Medicaid children who need mental health services.


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Legal Resources identifies other organizations that can provide valuable assistance for advocates who are assisting children with disabilities and their families to access home-based services.


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